Czech Republic - General terms and conditions of the vehicle lease contract

Pricing. Voucher. Terms of payment. Driver’s License. Handover and return of vehicle...
Czech Republic - General terms and conditions of the vehicle lease contract

1. Preliminary provisions

All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

RX Auto, s.r.o. (“CARWIZ Czech republic “) will not be held responsible for anyone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs causing wilful damage, off road driving or driving without due care and attention. The customer will accept responsibility in respect of such claims. Calls to CARWIZ may be recorded.

Terms and Conditions Issued February 2020 and may be subject to change at any time. All prices quoted herein are including VAT.

Customer agrees that RX Auto, s.r.o may use any information given us to carry out our own market research and Customer authorises RX Auto, s.r.o to contact him in the future by the way of direct marketing. Customer agrees that RX Auto, s.r.o can give this information to credit reference agencies, insurance companies and law enforcement officials and any other relevant organisation when necessary.

RX Auto, s.r.o makes all efforts to ensure that all information provided is correct at the time of booking. Furthermore, the customer by signing the rental agreement agrees to adhere to our conditions at the time of collection of the vehicle and for the duration of the rental.

2. Pricing

Pricing is quoted on a ‘per day’ basis (24 hour period)

Rate Includes

Unlimited mileage

Third Party Liability

Collision Damage Waiver with excess

Theft Protection with excess

Local taxes (incl. VAT, Road tax)

Breakdown assistance

Winterisation fee (Valid from 01/11 to 31/03)

3. Voucher

A printed version of your voucher must be produced upon arrival at the rental desk. Failure to present the voucher means the car rental agent may charge you at the local rates. Please note: We are not responsible for overcharges on rentals where the voucher was not presented to the local agent on collection of the vehicle. If you do not present the required documents, the documentation is not valid or you do not have enough funds on your credit card, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle and no funds will be reimbursed

When picking up the vehicle you need a valid credit card, identification card or passport and a valid driver’s license.

The credit card needs to have enough available funds to cover the deposit amount. The height of the deposit (authorization) depends on the price of the rental, the vehicle type, and category, as well as the chosen coverage.

The credit card can be charged for any extra costs that can appear during the rental period.

4. Terms of payment

For the authorization process, we accept all credit cards such as Eurocard/MasterCard, American Express Card, Visa Card, Diners. We do not accept prepaid or electron cards (Visa Electron, Maestro) or any digital uploaded card in Apple Pay, Google pay or Smartwacth for the authorization process.

The lessee must be the owner of the credit card.

The rental can be paid with a credit card, pre-paid or electron cards, as well as digital uploaded car as is Apple pay, Google Pay or Smartwatch.

Bear in mind that payment with a credit card may require your pin code.

The rent for a vehicle may be paid only via credit transfer – via the American Express, Eurocard/MasterCard or Visa credit/debit card.

The Lessee shall submit the Lessor a card issued in the Lessee´s name, which must be valid at least for the following three months, and shall empower the Lessor to block at the issuer of a card the amount of the assumed lease pursuant to the Agreement, fuel (one full tank) and coinsurance in case of any damage. The Lessor is also entitled to settle retroactively all Lessee´s liabilities arising from the Agreement by using the provided credit card, mainly the costs for administrative penalties, costs for cleaning of the vehicle, excessive wear and tear, etc.

If the provided credit card does not contain any free limit for security deposit, the Lessor reserves a right to refuse the lease. The lease of a vehicle based on cash payment is not possible.

5. Driver’s License

The client, as well as any additional drivers, need to be in possession of a valid driver’s license for at least two years.

Drivers licenses that are not printed in the Roman alphabet (Arabian, Japanese, Cyrillic) need to be accompanied by an international driver’s license.

At vehicle pick-up please present a valid identification card or passport alongside a valid driver’s license.

Age limitations

In Czech republic, the following minimum lessee age required, and driver’s license-possession are followed:

  • 21 years old/2 years for vehicles in groups Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate
  • 25 years old/2 years for vehicles in groups Compact Elite, Sedan, Premium, Luxury
  • 28 years old/ 2 years for vehicles in groups PFMR, PFAR

A young/senior drivers fee of 36/60€ per rental if the driver is below  21 or above 71 years of age depends on selected car category.

6. Handover and return of vehicle

The Lessee is responsible for all costs which incur to the Lessor in connection with repairs or exchanges in case of any damage. 

All damages on the vehicle will be recorded in the Agreement and signed by the Lessee when the vehicle is handed over and returned. The Lessee is responsible for all damages which are found when the vehicle is returned in addition to damages which were recorded when the vehicle was handed over. Any additional lodgement of damages by the Lessee, which were obvious allegedly when the vehicle was handed over, is not admissible.

The vehicle may be returned during the Lessor´s working hours listed in the Agreement.

If the vehicle is returned to the Lessor beyond the working hours, eventually without the confirmation on return issued by any Lessor´s employee, the Lessee is responsible for all losses and damages which were not recorded in the Agreement when the vehicle was handed over to the Lessee, up to the moment when the vehicle is really taken over by the Lessor. 

A fee amounting EUR 40 will be charged for furnishing or pickup of the vehicle outside the business premises or beyond the working hours of the Lessor.

The Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle in the same condition in which it was handed over. In case of strong pollution which exceeds the common usage, the Lessor is entitled to charge the Lessee additional costs for cleaning amounting EUR 150 pursuant to this Agreement. If the condition of a vehicle may not be determined due to strong pollution, mainly if it is not possible to check the damages, the Lessor reserves a right to clean the vehicle before the confirmation on takeover.

It is prohibited to smoke and transport animals in all vehicles. In case this prohibition is breached by the Lessee, the costs for cleaning amounting EUR 150 will be charged.

Rental Extensions

The Lessee is obliged to announce the prolongation of lease beyond the concluded Agreement always in writing at least 24 hours in advance by email on

The Lessor reserves a right not to satisfy such a requirement or to charge a higher daily rate for lease. In case of the unauthorized prolongation of lease, the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor a fee amounting EUR 500 whereas the Lessor is entitled to charge a higher daily rate for the period of unauthorized lease. Return of the vehicle more than 60 minutes after the term agreed in the Agreement is considered as unauthorized prolongation of lease.

In case the lease is prematurely terminated by the Lessee, the Lessor is entitled to charge the total price according to the valid booking. 

The Lessee agrees that the vehicle is equipped with the GPS monitoring device.

Please note that it may not always be possible to extend the hire. When the rental branch agrees to extend the hire, the rental will be charged at the prevailing rate which may be higher or lower than the original booking rate.

Non-authorized rental extension will be charged extra. The driver will be black listed (decline for future bookings)

Early Returns/Unused Rental Days

No refunds (partial or full) will be given for charges ended early.

Fines, Penalties and Administration Charges

It is the responsibility of each Customer to cover the cost of any parking fines and traffic violations. When fines or traffic violations occur and a CARWIZ location is involved in administering the charge then an administration fee will be charged to the customer.

Late drop off

Vehicles are rented on a daily basis. There is a 59-minute grace period, that is not charged. After 60 minutes, a whole day of usage is charged.

7. Delayed Collections

In the event that a customer experiences flight delays the customer will not be charged an out of hours surcharge within 1 hour of the intended arrival time – if a flight number is provided. If no flight number is provided then the location may close without notice. No refunds will be given for rentals ended early, late collections, no shows or cancellations made after the rental start date, even if cancellation protection is taken. 

Changes in the reservation

Reservations can be changed up to 48 hours before the rental period. 

Reservation cancellation

Reservations can be canceled before the rental period.

 The cancellation should be made online or in written form via e-mail to


In the case that the client did not picked up the reserved vehicle for some reason or did not picked it up in the agreed time, if CARWIZ is not informed CARWIZ extra charges can be applied.

8. General terms of coverage

Third Party Liability Insurance (SLI)

For Material Damages and Bodily Injuries

Coverage for person is € 2.000.000, for material damages € 2.000.000.

At vehicle pick up it is important to choose some type of extra coverage, there are different coverage packages which are adjusted to your needs and abilities, from decreased damage excess to no excess at all.

Vehicle Group/Model

Our vehicles are classified into groups using the ACRISS codes.

Reservations are confirmed for a group. We do not guarantee a particular make/model or fuel type of vehicle. The vehicle shown on any documentation is for guidance only and may be substituted with an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle at our discretion

9. Vehicle Condition

Vehicles must be returned to the location/drop off point in the same condition as when it was picked up/delivered. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly checked prior to taking custody of the vehicle. Whilst in charge of the vehicle the Customer accepts responsibility for maintaining the roadworthiness of the vehicle and agrees to take remedial action to avoid unnecessary cost/damage. This will include maintaining oil levels, tire pressures and other common sense actions to maintain the vehicle if before authorized. Costs will generally be covered only if it’s authorized in advance from the rental branch. Any damage caused to the vehicle, if returned out of hours is the responsibility of the Customer until our staffs have checked in the vehicle.


Collision Damage Waiver limits the driver’s responsibility for damages done to the vehicle.

The customer is only responsible for the following amounts:

  • 1200€ (LFMD, LFAD, GVMR, GVAR)
  • 1500€ (PFMR, PFAR) 

The damage done to the vehicle will be charged according to the repair price list available in our offices.

Theft protection (TP)

Theft protection (TP) limits the driver’s responsibility in cases of vehicle theft or damages done due to theft or attempted theft to the excess amount, which is subject to the terms of the rental agreement. TP does not cover personal belongings:

  • 1200€ (LFMD, LFAD, GVMR, GVAR)
  • 1500€ (PFMR, PFAR) 


reduced excess partly covers the waivable amount in case of damage or theft – CDW+ does not cover any damage to the interior or underside of the rental vehicle, tyre and wheel damage, broken or lost keys or contamination of fuel, neither in event of deliberate intent. Collision Damage Waiver plus reduces the damage excess to the following limits:

  •  650€ (LFMD, LFAD, GVMR, GVAR)
  •  800€ (PFMR, PFAR)

Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)

is coverage that reduces responsibility to 0 in case of damage to the vehicle body. Zero excess fully covers the waivable amount in case of damage or theft - SCDW does not cover any damage to the interior or underside of the rental vehicle, tyre and wheel damage, broken or lost keys or contamination of fuel, neither in event of deliberate intent.


Front glass protection is complete coverage for damage done to the front glass of the vehicle.

In case of a traffic accident, theft, engine breakdown or similar

The client is obliged to:

  • keep the vehicle safe and take the names and addresses of every witness and participant immediately call the police and procure their record except in the case of motor breakdown
  • give a statement as soon as possible in the nearest office of the lessor

In the case that the user does not procure a police report, all accepted coverages such as TP / CDW, CDW + or SCDW are considered invalid (NOT VALID) due to the client’s failure to comply with the provisions of the rental agreement and general terms and conditions. 

Costs that are not covered by CARWIZ and cannot be covered by any additional coverage

  • Loss or theft of luggage and or personal items from the vehicle
  • Parking tickets or fines, traffic violations and such
  • Costs due to the wrong fuel type usage
  • Expenses for lost, stolen or damaged car keys
  • Expenses for lost, stolen or damaged car documents
  • Expenses due to negligence – empty battery
  • Expenses due to damage to the car’s interior
  • Costs of lost equipment (spare tire, tire repair kit, bunker shelves, document etui, driver’s manual)
  • Expenses due to damage to additional equipment
  • Expenses due to car misuse
  • Expenses due to ignoring instruction for car maintenance stated in the cars service book
  • Expenses to the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Costs of car extraction from inaccessible areas (e.g. extraction from mud due to traveling outside regular road infrastructure)
  • Expenses incurred by using dirt roads
  • Expenses incurred by car racing or cars participation in sport events
  • Expenses due to overburdening the car with people or cargo
  • Damage costs caused by a person not stated in the contract as the main or additional driver
  • Costs created in cases when the main driver or additional driver stated in the rental contract does not have a valid driver’s license or has a ban on driving motor vehicles
  • Other: damaged windscreen wipers or locks, loss or theft of outside parts of the vehicle without a police record, damage costs incurred by usage of roof carriers or luggage on carriers, damage caused by improper handling of luggage and or putting cargo or luggage on the roof, hood etc., as well as expenses caused by ignoring sound and visual warnings of the vehicle.

10. Delivery & Collection

Delivery/Collection must be arranged during the reservation process.

During Opening Hours

Delivery/Collection is an on-request service. Please contact the nearest CARWIZ office.

Delivery/Collection within city limits

(or in a 10 km radius from the nearest office) a fee of 40.00 € will be charged

Outside city limits

(for distances larger than 10 km) 40,00 € plus 1,20 € per km will be charged.

11. Country Cross Border Travel

Cross border travel is allowed, but is strictly on a request service and available for the countries listed below:

Allowed to EU countries excluding: Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Great Britain, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In case of traveling out of the country, hirer is obliged to pay cross border fee of €45. Traveling out of Czech republic without any permission is considered as violation of Terms and Conditions of Rental agreement and is subject of €500 penalty. In case of any breakdown or accident no coverage can be applied and hirer is fully responsible for any damage and loss.

The hire agree that vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking system.

12. Additional equipment and services

Fuel options

All vehicles are coming with a full tank and need to be returned with a full tank.

If the client returns the vehicle with less fuel, he will be charged according to a valid price list. Refiling service will be applied. Hirer is obliged to keep all bills regarding the fuel he purchased and used during the rental period. 

Pre-payment of a full tank

The client can pre-pay for a full tank of fuel and bring it back empty. Our price for this service is equal to the current commercial fuel price. If you choose this option, try to return the vehicle with an empty tank. We do refund unused fuel.

Refueling service

If the client hasn’t pre-paid full tank of fuel, and the vehicle is returned less than full, fuel difference will be charged according to the current price list (2,50 € per liter). Refueling service will be charged (40€).

The Lessee undertakes to pay the Lessor a fine of € 400, as well as costs related to towing the car, repairing and refueling the correct type of fuel. 

Diesel vehicle request

Diesel vehicle can be reserved in ahead.

This option is charged 2 € per day.

Additional Driver

The fee for an additional driver is  6€ per day, maximum  60€ per rental

The Customer may order the lease of additional equipment in terms of the Agreement. The current pricelist is available at the Lessor. The penalty amounting € 150 per item will be charged for the loss or alienation of the additional equipment, mainly child safety seat, GPS navigation, snow chains.

Baby seat: € 8,5 per day. Maximum € 85 per rental - On request.

Child booster seat: € 8,5 per day. Maximum € 85 per rental - On request.

GPS Sat Navigation: € 8,5 per day. Maximum € 85 per rental - On request.

Snow chains: € 8,5 per day. Maximum € 85 per rental - On request.

13. Administration fee

If the client receives a traffic or parking fine during his rental period which hasn’t be paid by the end of the rental period, the charge of additional 40,00 € will be applied. 

The lessee is responsible for settling any traffic and parking fine issued during the rental period.

Damage handling fee - administration fee

If the lessee does not have any additional coverage package, and vehicle damage occurs, alongside the damage itself, an additional fee of 40 € will be applied.

Vehicle pick-up/drop-off in an office different from the one agreed upon in the rental contract. 

If the client decides to pick-up or return the vehicle to a location different from the one stated in the reservation or the rental contract, an additional fee of 50 € will be applied along with the one-way rental fee.

14. Lost key

In the case that the lessee has lost the car key, a fee of 300,00 € and more (depends on a vehicle model) will be applied.

Lost documentation or registration plates

In the case of lost or stolen vehicle documentation/ registration plates, a fee of   300,00 € will be applied. The police report is mandatory.  An administrative fee of € 60 is charged for each damage event on the vehicle (this fee is used to cover the Lessor's costs, in particular the transport of the vehicle to the service, processing of the necessary vehicle repair documentation, reporting damage to the insurance company). In the event of an accident, loss of the key or documents from the vehicle, the lessee is obliged to call the police and obtain a police report. Otherwise, it bears full responsibility for all costs associated with the event.

15. Vehicle Cleaning

In case the vehicle requires a special cleaning procedure after drop-off (i.e. smell removal, animal hair, spillage of liquids), a minimum fee of 150.00 € will be charged.

The penalty for smoking in the vehicle is 150,00 €.