Gelasakis group officially signed a partnership with Carwiz International

Gelasakis group, whose core business is travel, maritime services, and hospitality, have officially signed a partnership with Carwiz International, Croatia’s first branded rent-a-car, earlier this year.
Gelasakis group officially signed a partnership with Carwiz International

With this business decision, Gelasakis group is among the first franchise partners who have recognised the quality and power of the Carwiz brand:

“When you add a powerful visual identity and a brand with a strong marketing strategy to a developed franchise model of business, signing a partnership becomes the logical course of action.”, said Antonios Gelasakis, CEO Travel, and Hospitality Division.

By carefully planning and analysing the rent-a-car industry through a prism of tourism, Gelasakis group has recognised the importance of integrating with a unique and high-quality brand which offers much more than car rentals. They’ve decided to turn their idea into a project, and in order to decrease their business risks, they opted for a franchise model of business which Carwiz has to offer

“From our first appearance on the market up until today we’ve nurtured our vision of rent-a-car industry being much more than just transport, so we found an ideal partner within Gelasakis group, whose core business is tourism. Thanks to the vision that both our brands cultivate, but also the mutual recognition of the importance of rent-a-car industry within tourism, together we’ve successfully implemented our marketing strategy on the Grecian market,”  explained Barbara Mrkić, the marketing director of Carwiz.

The importance of rent-a-car industry in global tourism development is shown by participating at the biggest tourism trade show in London, where these two brands will present themselves to potential partners at the beginning of November this year.

 “We are happy to see that our role in global tourism development is recognised more often by our international partners, who under our wing and independently enter into negotiation and take part in important touristic events such as the upcoming WTM trade show in London”, added Mrkić.

Since the start of their business in 2017, Carwiz has placed its franchise business model onto 10 markets around Europe and the world. Therefore today, except the Grecian market and the domicile Croatian market, Carwiz is present on the markets of Turkey, Latvia, Cyprus, Morocco, St. Maarten, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.